Wind chime Stay and Play

We have been reflecting on our garden area and how we can make this more inviting and stimulating for the children. We held our very own Wind chime stay and play making session at the nursery so we can place our handmade wind chimes up around the garden. This enhances sensory opportunities for the children. 

We all sat down together and decorated a variety of materials to create our wind chimes, the children were using their fine motor skills a lot throughout this activity. The children made marks on the wooden logs and rolled the bamboo sticks in sequins. We used a variety of loose parts to fill in the baubles we had left over for Christmas, so when the wind blows, they will make a sound. We also used some colourful ribbon to move in the wind. 

The children were thoroughly engaged throughout this activity and continuously decorating all of the materials.


Personal, Social and emotional - the children were sharing with their peers. 

Communication and Language - new vocabulary was introduced throughout the activity and the children were encouraged to repeat. 

Physical Development - Developed on fine motor skills. 

Expressive Arts and Design