Commonwealth games

Baby Nursery enjoyed taking part in our own commonwealth games, where we had running races, egg and spoon races, rolling the plastic balls down the guttering to see whose went the furthest. 

At the end of the games all the children were given a medal. 

Gross motor skills are the skills that children develop using their whole body. You can see this from a baby’s earliest efforts to move and travel, to young children coordinating whole body movements. By using their whole bodies children become increasingly confident, agile and flexible.

All children need to be confident in their gross motor skills and movements. For some children this confidence will come in smaller steps and take longer to achieve. Be patient, giving them time and space, and encouraging words. Take expert advice for children with physical and mobility additional needs. This may increase children's’ development of muscular strength, ability to take well intentioned, safe risks and become increasingly well-coordinated.