This week in preschool we introduced and focused on recycling! We started off with explaining the meaning of recycling in a group circle time, how we reuse certain materials to reduce a negative impact on our environment. We went into detail how recycling reduces the waste that goes into the ocean, reduces the amount trees we have to cut down for paper as we need them for oxygen, reduces the amount of space we need in the landfill and reduces the number of resources we have to search for in order to make new products. The children enjoyed looking at different materials we recycle and some even practiced washing out milk bottles and flattening them ready to be recycled!  We then held another circle time where everyone had a different recycling material, deciding whether it has to go in the plastic recycling or card and paper recycling. We then spoke about how food can be recycled to make compost for plants. Finally, the preschool children enjoyed taking the bag of recycling out to the recycling bins to recycle themselves in the complex! We Spoke about road safety, and the three roads of crossing the road.