Cycle Me Tots

The children had the opportunity to take part in a session with Cycle me Tots. The children were able to use balance bikes and practice learning to ride bikes and their balance whilst using the bikes. The session started with the children practising their balance standing up. They took part in a selection of races and had to follow simple instruction to race to the cones and back. Children practised weaving in and out of the cones carefully. Next the children excitedly had the opportunity to mount the balance bikes and get used to rising and balancing on them. Following the same instructions to get to the cones an weave in and out of the cones.  The session was space themed and the children leant to weave around the aliens in the garden whilst using the bikes.

This was an excellent opportunity for the children to explore their physical development and how they move using large scale movement equipment and exploring their whole body and gross motor skills.