Specialist teachers

The variety and quality of specialist learning we offer at Children-First is second to none. Specialist Teacher sessions are taught in small groups of children in Nursery. This means that children learn more from interactions between the teachers and the children are really engaged in the lessons. The Specialist Teacher's work is supported by members of the team being actively engaged with the children at the same time. At each of the three Nurseries there are 4 or 5 regular weekly Specialist Teacher sessions. Please ask the Nursery Manager which Specialist Teacher lessons are offered at Nursery. Below is a flavour of what is offered across the Children-First Nurseries

Yoga and Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga and Yoga lessons offer children opportunities to take part in a range of large and new Yoga movements and is led by a qualified Yoga teacher. Children enjoy moving, breathing and stretching and trying new Yoga positions with the support of Nursery workers and the Yoga teacher, whilst listening to sounds, music, nursery rhymes or pretending to be animals. The children benefit from opportunities to explore being calm too. Yoga practice encourages early mindfulness in children’s development which leads to enhanced wellbeing.

Tappy Toes

Tappy Toes encourages children to explore the sounds they can make with their voices, musical movements and move using a variety of sensory props including glow balls, bells and scarves. The children have their imagination extended and discover new places, such as the farm or the jungle. Children sing and dance along to their favourite nursery rhymes. The children explore different musical instruments and have lots of fun popping bubbles. Dance releases endorphins and helps children feel healthy. Tappy Toes lessons enhance motor skills, social skills, musicality, confidence, posture and co-ordination in children.

Theatre Bugs

Theatre Bugs facilitates magical journeys in drama, music and dance from 3 months upwards. The workshops are planned differently for each age group a term in advance and support the EYFS. The children dive into and become engrossed in the singing, dancing and stories, thoroughly enjoy developing language skills in their sessions. The stories captivate children's imagination and transport them to another world. Each week the children become involved in the interactive story and come up with ideas to solve mysteries through imaginative pay and make believe using a variety of props.

Baby Ballet

Baby Ballet is taught by a professional ballet teacher offering children opportunities to take part in a termly planned syllabus for the different age groups. Ballet encourages children to explore movement, dance, singing and emotions. Baby Ballet provides opportunities for babies and young children to learn to dance and develop key skills in life in a healthy, sociable and fun environment. The learning experience fits well with the EYFS and children’s physical development is enhanced. The aim of the Baby ballet teacher is to make learning to dance an unforgettable and magical experience.

Lingotots lessons

Lingotots is a multi award winning and accredited children’s French programme which the children really enjoy. Classes are interactive and fun, yet based on sound educational research. Learning is through songs, stories, games, drama and play. During Lingotots lessons 100% French is spoken, but due to the teachers skills and expertise everyone understands. The lessons are carefully planned and led by expert teachers and engage children to learn French using a carefully tried and tested methodology with visuals and actions whilst learning nursery rhymes, colours, key words, movements and body part names in French.

Bilingual Beats

Bilingual Beats is an early childhood bilingual music programme that integrates the learning of both music and Spanish in a fun, dynamic and creative way. Bilingual Beats speaks music and sings languages! It is a unique programme, in which children experience music and language and skills develop hand in hand, each one consolidating and reinforcing the other. Children thoroughly enjoy and engage in these special lessons which pave the way to future language learning. Children look forward to heir their Bilingual Beats lessons, integrating learning music and Spanish in a dynamic and creative way. Two teachers lead each session using voices a live guitar and their singing voices.

Diddi Dance

Our Diddi dance sessions are filled with endless enthusiasm and energy in an action packed fun filled lessons. The children participate in adult lead sessions with their friends that embrace their imaginative, music and movement skills. Children learn new ways to move their bodies to music incorporating their gross and fine motor skills. The children love exploring dance and movement with hoops, scarves and ribbons which helps build shoulder and arm muscles in preparation for mark making and early writing skills. Diddi Dance is accredited by bodies within the dance industry.


Children become more aware of the world around them as they learn basic French vocabulary delivered by our French teacher. Our French sessions are fun and engaging and children explore different words and their meaning through visuals and music. Children thoroughly enjoy in learning French songs, rhymes and words and find the sessions very exciting. Our teacher uses flashcards and teaches language related to numbers, colours and animas and follows children’s interests. Towards the end of their sessions children engage in mark making to reinforce the language explored and their work is taken home.