Specialist teachers

The variety and quality of specialist learning we offer at Children-First is second to none. Specialist Teacher sessions are taught in small groups of children in Nursery. This means that children learn more from interactions between the teachers and the children are really engaged in the lessons. The Specialist Teacher's work is supported by members of the team being actively engaged with the children at the same time. At each of the three Nurseries there are 4 or 5 regular weekly Specialist Teacher sessions. Please ask the Nursery Manager which Specialist Teacher lessons are offered at Nursery. Below is a flavour of what is offered across Children-First Nurseries.

Robot Reg Phonics 


The children absolutely love this class. Our Robot Reg teacher delivers a fun filled, confidence building, active and educational class, by teaching early phonics. Phonics is the cornerstone of success in all subjects, and is taught in such a fabulously, fun way that children don’t even realise how much they’re learning! The lessons gives children a real head start! Phonics are used in UK schools to teach reading and writing. My Minis sessions are for ages 1 - 2.5, Preschool sessions are for ages 2.5 - 5. Robot Reg is the brainchild of sisters Charlie and Alex, a former primary school teacher with 10 years, experience in Early Years. The classes equip pre-schoolers with the phonics skills to open up a world of literacy and ensure that they are reading and writing ready as they transition to school. We are so excited that they are now creating a Maths class which is coming soon!

Yoga and Baby Yoga


Baby Yoga and Yoga lessons offer children opportunities to take part in a range of large and new Yoga movements and is led by a qualified Yoga teacher. Children enjoy moving, breathing and stretching and trying new Yoga positions with the support of Nursery workers and the Yoga teacher. Yoga poses are practiced whilst listening to sounds, music, nursery rhymes or pretending to be animals. The children benefit from opportunities to explore being calm too. Yoga practice encourages early mindfulness in children’s development which leads to enhanced wellbeing. Children are very flexible in their bodies and love to copy the teacher’s Yoga poses and use their bodies, whilst extending their range of motions and co-ordination.  Children really look forward to these sessions and experimenting with new body movements.

Ballet North 


Our Ballet North professional ballet teacher visits the children every week. She offers  all of the children opportunities to take part in a termly planned syllabus planned to be age appropriate for each group. Ballet encourages children to explore movement, dance, singing and their emotions whilst having fun.  Ballet provides opportunities for babies and young children to learn to dance and develop key skills in life in a healthy, sociable and fun environment. The learning experience fits well with the EYFS and children’s physical development is enhanced. The aim of the Ballet teacher is to make learning to dance an unforgettable, fun and magical experience, whilst developing coordination, appreciation of music, whilst strengthening muscles and working as a member of the group.

Movement and Make Believe with Bongalong 


Bongalong provide fun and engaging singing, dance and drama sessions for the children to enjoy together whilst at Nursery. These stimuli in the early years of children’s lives ensure development of creativity along with costumes and props to enhance creativity development. Proper musical instruments are used to create quality, unique sounds for “A little piece of theatre every week.” The highly experienced teachers encourage musicality in children by offering experiences of new sounds and rhythm. Songs and rhymes support speech and language development. Action songs and movement support co-ordination. Musical games encourage listening skills and  exploration of instruments supports listening skills of sounds and effect. The sessions support all children in group activity developing confidence, communication and social skills in the children.



Lingotot is proud to teach their multi award-winning language classes to over 15,000 children each and every week. Their teachers have teaching qualifications and are fluent linguists. Children become more aware of the world around them as they learn basic French vocabulary. Our French sessions are fun and engaging and children explore different words and their meaning through visuals and music. Children thoroughly enjoy in learning French songs, rhymes and words and find the sessions very exciting. Our teacher uses flashcards and teaches language related to numbers, colours and animals and follows children’s interests. Towards the end of their sessions children engage in mark making to reinforce the language explored and their work is taken home. Lingotots makes learning a language for young children easy and fun.

Little Imaginations 


Little imaginations are a pioneering creative company based in London passionate about producing engaging content for children at Nursery. Both imagination and role-play are at the heart of all of their work. Children work in small groups within their rooms. With a new theme, each week, children will learn through the magic of drama. The sessions are led by professional actors with a love for early years. Teaching.  Little Imaginations sessions stimulates vocabulary development, builds creativity, supports confidence development, and working in small groups develops social skills.  The teachers are hugely passionate about nurturing imagination through role-play by creating immersive adventures which the children adore and really engage in within the Nursery.