Fire-fighter Visit

The children were very excited to have a visit from a local fire-fighter. 

Fire-fighter Dean came into the nursery to talk to the children in each room about his role and how he helps the community. 

The children were able to talk to Dean and ask questions. 

They were also able to try on his hat and uniform. 

The jacket and hat were very heavy and Dean talked about the weight and how he needs to stay strong and fit to wear this and move about and even running up stairs. 

The children were able to look at Dean's medals and see what he was awarded them for. 

Dean spoke to the children about fire safety and how to keep safe in the event of a fire. 

Dean told the children to drop to the floor and roll towards help. 

They talked about calling for help and dialling 999.

Dean spoke about his role and how he puts out fires with his team. 

He also spoke about other aspects of his role such as helping at accidents and incidents. 

The children learnt a lot about fire safety.

Thank you Dean.