Welcome Autumn (1)

Welcome Autumn

This week the Toddler room have thoroughly enjoyed the start to their new curriculum topic Autumn and have been exploring a range of activities linked to the nee topic.

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the pumpkins observing he pumpkin seeds and using range of different utensils using their physical skills to scoop, transfer and mix creating their own pumpkin soups.

As the children have demonstrated a keen interest in messy play experiences we linked real items to shaving foam and paint including pine cones, conquers and leaves. The children enjoyed an Autumn story to link to the activity and explore the different natural objects.

To end to the week the children had the opportunity to explore different vegetables including, potatoes, leaks and carrots with visuals and a soup role play experience. The children particularly enjoyed using the mashers to mash to the potatoes and add the vegetable stock mixing and adding real herbs.