Our Aeroplane Journey

As part of our travel and transport theme the grasshoppers room started to look at aeroplanes and what they do. The children used lots of vocabulary and talked about how the plane might get into the sky and were very excited to talk about the take off and landing. 

Some of the children talked from past experiences and mentioned that the plane might shake or rattle. Beth supported the children's thoughts by telling them this was turbulence. 


Everyone talked about where different planes might be going and where they have been on a plane. 

The children then made their own plane train and moved around the room with their arms out wide like wings and took off. The plane ride was very exciting and the plane dipped low, shook with turbulence and landed. 

The children used a story bard to talk about where the plane had been. The plane had been very busy and visited several countries! According to the children.