Diwali - Rangoli Patterns

The Grasshoppers learnt about Diwali The Festival of Light. 

They looked at how people celebrate around the world. 

The children were interested in Rangoli patterns and how these are made. 

The Grasshoppers went on a trip to the local florist to buy some flowers to make the Rangoli patterns. 

They looked at the various types of flowers and spoke to the florist. 

They asked for brightly coloured flowers. 

Some children chose colours that they liked. 

When the children returned to nursery they picked the petals from the flowers. 

They grouped the coloured petals into bowls. 

Categorising by colour. 

They drew the shape they wanted to draw on the floor with chalk. 

Then they started to carefully place petals along the lines of the shape. 

Other textures were also used to make the pattern such as seeds and lentils. 

The children used the creative materials to work on a large scale. 

They worked both individually and as a team to create the patterns. 

A beautiful pattern was created which the children were exceptionally proud of. 

Happy Diwali.