This week in the baby room we learned all about Hannukah. We first listened to the Hannukah Lights story that showed us all the different things people do during Hannukah. After we listened to the story, we explored a Hannukah themed tuft tray with blue and white rice inside. We added a minora and some candles to the tray. We then used our fine motor skills to put the candles onto the minora and explored counting when they were all on top, we really enjoyed putting them on and taking them off. Continuing with the light theme we added some small tea lights to the tray that we could watch flicker like candles. We had lots of fun exploring the rice and sprinkling it on top of the different objects in the tray and seeing what would happen. Doing this activity we learned lots of new words like “minora”, “candle” and counting to six. We also improved our social skills by playing alongside each other and watching and mimicking what each other were doing.