Apple Pealing

The Grasshoppers explored a new life skills took by learning how to use a apple peeler.

They watched as Beth demonstrated how to use the peeler, asking questions about the process. 

Then they had a turn themselves. 

Rotating the handle to peel the apple. 

It was hard to turn and had to be held down, ensuring the children co-ordinated movements and used hand eye co-ordination 

Large gross motor skills were used to turn the handle. 

Once the apples were peeled the children collected them to make an apple crumble. 

They mixed together the ingredients, excitedly adding the apples they had peeled. 

Once it was prepared the children added the apple crumbles to the mini oven.

The children were able to watch first hand  a the apple crumble cooked. 

They could see how the crumble changed colour as it cooked. 

A great way to use everyday technology for a purpose.

Once it was cooked everyone ate it for dessert!