Making Lava Lamps

The Grasshoppers have been taking part in some exciting science activities and this week we made some Lava lamps.

We used water, Oil, food colouring and alka selzer.

The children poured the water and oil from small jugs into the water bottle and were surprised to discover that the two did not mix and remained separate.

We selected different colours and used pipets to drip the colours into the mixture.

The children then added the final ingredient of alka selzer and waited patiently for the experiment to begin.

The Grasshoppers made predictions about what might happen as each ingredient was added.

After a couple of minutes the mixture began to fizz and bubble to the top.

The children very excited to watch the bubbles rise up and down and listen to the fizzing.

The Grasshoppers showed great attention to detail and concentration.

What a fun experiment.