Sensory Bags

The Ladybirds have been exploring our new monthly topic of Materials this week.

They explored various materials and textures using available resources to make sensory bags.

The children helped select different objects and materials from around the nursery.

 A variety of materials were of offer for the children to put into their own bags.

The children often worked together in pairs to support each other with the tricky part of holding the bag and adding the materials.

The Ladybirds used lots of language and single description words such as Squashy, wet, cold, crunchy and soft.

We then added wet materials such as gel and water using large spoons to help with the development of our hand and eye co ordination.

Once the bags were finished and safely secured the children had lot of fun manipulating the materials around the bag, showing high levels of concentration and focus.

The Ladybirds were very proud of their creations.