Pumpkin Pie

The Butterflies made pumpkin pie. 

They mixed the ingredients together to make the pastry. 

Wet and dry ingredients were weighed out to explore weight and capacity. 

The wet ingredients was added to the dry and the children explored the change as it was mixed together to form the pastry. 

Children used spoons to mix the ingredients together using fine motor control. 

Hands were used to knead the dough into a ball. 

Children used the rolling pin, rolling out the dough until flat. 

Everyone did a good job of this!

The pastry pieces were cut out and placed in the tray. 

Next the pumpkin was carved and children explored what was inside. 

Everyone practised cutting up the pumpkin pieces. 

Children managed the knives well, talking about being careful and managing their own risk. 

The pumpkin was placed into a pot and the children explored using electronic equipment for a purpose. 

The button was pressed and the electric blender operated to blend the pumpkin. 

Everyone talked about the texture change and new constabulary was used such as smooth. 

The pumpkin was scooped into the pumpkin pastry with minimal spill. 

Once the pie was cooked the children took it home to eat!