Live Bright Yoga Weekly Session (1)

On Monday's the children enjoy Live Bright Yoga with Frankie. The children explore the traditional yoga poses such as downward dog and the cobra.  They also explore a new pose of the week each week. Frankie showcases the pose to the children herself and with her friend Flexi that comes to every session. 

Yoga is a tool to introduce new concepts and ideas, opening up little imaginations, developing physical and cognitive skills and for just having lots of structured fun.
Frankie has over 500 hours of yoga teacher training her belt belt and has been teaching yoga to babies and pre-schoolers in nurseries for over 9 years. During this time she has developed her very own beautifully structured, fun and effective yoga sessions for bright, happy, healthy and giggly kids.

Yoga lessons offer children opportunities to take part in a range of large and new Yoga movements. Children enjoy moving, breathing and stretching and trying new Yoga positions with the support of Nursery workers and Frankie. Yoga poses are practiced whilst listening to sounds, music, nursery rhymes or pretending to be animals. The children benefit from opportunities to explore being calm too. Yoga practice encourages early mindfulness in children’s development which leads to enhanced wellbeing. Children are very flexible in their bodies and love to copy the teacher’s Yoga poses and use their bodies, whilst extending their range of motions and co-ordination.  Children really look forward to these sessions and experimenting with new body movements.