Animal Biscuits

This week, the butterflies children enjoyed dressing up as chefs and baking some animal biscuits! They enjoyed mixing the different ingredients together and using resources to make their dough. They used language such as more, less, squash, mix and roll. The children listened brilliantly to the instructions and were able to complete small tasks with little help from the adults! They took turns using the whisk to mix the ingredients and make their own dough. 

The children enjoyed picking their own animal cutters and making their animal biscuits. When the dough was ready to be cooked, the children enjoyed watching the cookies bake in the mini oven. We spoke lots about how to be careful around the oven and how important it was to listen to instructions. When the biscuits were cooked, the children enjoyed mixing the water and icing sugar together to make their own icing. They then enjoyed decorating the biscuits with icing and different toppings.

The Butterflies' favourite part was getting to eat their yummy treats!