Feelings Potatoes

Feelings Potatoes

This week to continue with our topic All about me, preschool looked into our emotions and recognising our own emotions.

We spoke about our emotions and how different things can make us happy, sad or even angry. Some children said “My mummy makes me happy” and a few others said “nursery makes me happy.”

Speaking about our emotions helped the children to identify how they are feeling, but also how their friends could be feeling too, and how our actions could affect our friends feelings.

For our activity the children got to choose between making emotion cupcakes or emotion potatoes, which they choose the emotion potatoes.

We began our activity by chopping our potatoes into very small pieces, then an adult placed them on to boil. We waited patiently for the potatoes to be ready so we could mash them using our gross motor skills to control the potato masher. Once we had completed this step we mixed in some corn flour to form more of a dough which then allowed us to roll out the dough and begin making our smiley face potatoes using the cookie cutter. We took turns to press down the cookie cutter into the dough and then we used a straw to make eyes for the faces and used a spoon to make our chosen emotion ‘Happy or sad’ depending on what the children chose.

Finally we placed them onto the baking trays and cooked them so they were ready in time for us to enjoy with baked beans for our tea.

Preschool thoroughly enjoyed this activity and definitely enjoyed tasting their yummy creations. Well done preschool!!