Fantasy and Fiction

For our fantasy and fiction topic this week we focused on the book “The wizard of Oz”. To start this off we made predictions of what was going to happen in the story. We thoroughly engaged in the story to see if our predictions were right. We then followed this up with a tuft tray using dry foods to make the yellow brick road and the scenery around it, adding small world figures to re-enact the story through play and engaging experiences.

We then followed this up with a junk modelling session, creating Dorothy’s ruby slippers from glove boxes. We used red paint and added glitter to them for the sparkly effect. When they dried, we even put them on and clicked them together 3 times to see if we could magic home like Dorothy did!

We then went on to do a series of arts and crafts, using Lego bricks and yellow paint to make the yellow brick road, using different sides of the bricks to make different effects. We then made the lion using cardboard and different coloured lollipop sticks for his mane and buttons for his eyes and nose. To create the tinman we got plant pots and covered them in foil using mark making to make our own faces on them.

Finally we spoke about what having a heart, brain and courage meant to us and why they are so important. “Having a heart is important because I love my mummy”, “Having a brain is good because it means we can think”, “I like it when I’m not scared because I have more fun” were some of the reasons the children came up with.