Our Playdough Experiment

Our Playdough Experiment

This week in preschool we made playdough with a twist! We used different materials to see what playdough would turn out the best. We discussed what kind of things playdough should be and the children commented saying “stretchy”, “colourful”, “soft” and “it needs to be not sticky”. The materials used for each playdough were as followed:

Playdough 1: Flour, water, gel colouring and bubble bath

Playdough2: Flour, water, food colouring and oil

Playdough 3: Cornflour, water and conditioner

Playdough 4: Gluten free flour, water, paint and cocoa butter

Playdough 5: Oats, water, paint and shaving foam

The children were very excited to mix their materials exhibiting excellent turn taking and patience. They all requested which materials they would like to add and tried to estimate how much of each ingredient to add. When all the playdough’s were made we assessed how well it went and if we would make any changes next time. Some of the children commented that “we need to add more flour”, “the oats didn’t work” and “I think we used the right amount of each ingredient” We then placed them all together and voted which we thought felt the best.

This activity went amazingly well and the pre-schoolers showcased amazing forward thinking and team evaluations, as always you should be incredibly proud of yourself preschool.