Conker Threading

The Grasshoppers went to the forest to collect conkers. 

They filled buckets with conkers talking about the amount and weight of the conkers in the buckets. 

The children talked curiously about where the conkers had come from. Asking questions to get the information they needed. 

On return to nursery the children took part in an exciting risky play activity. 

They were able to use a real drill to make holes in the conkers for threading. 

Before starting they took part in a risk assessment. Discussing what they needed to do to be able to use the drill, such as walking in the classroom, being careful, only using the drill with a teachers help. 

The children showed high levels of motivation and engagement as they carefully used the drill to make the holes for the threading. 

Regulating their behaviour in order to use the drill sensibly and reduce risk. 

The children felt trusted with the drill and behaved exceptionally well. 

Once the holes were made the children were able to use needles to thread string through the conkers. 

each child adding conkers t our chain of conkers. 

Using fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination to thread the string.

Once the conkers were threaded the children counted the conkers.

They also measured the string of conkers to see how long the chain was.