Allotment Harvesting

The Grasshoppers went to visit Lower Queens Road allotment again to sow some vegetables. 

Alison met the children and showed them around, looking for vegetables that were ready to be harvested. 

They checked out the pumpkins to see if they were ready, not quite yet a little closer to Halloween! 

On the walk the children found some chard that was ready to be harvested. 

The children were able to retrieve this from the plant. 

Looking to see where it had grown from. 

Some children tasted it. 

More vegetables were located for harvesting such as courgettes. 

The children brought the vegetables back to nursery, 

Beth supported them to wash them and cut them up into small pieces. 

They were able to add them to a stir fry. 

Cooking this themselves on the table. 

Trying a new vegetable and cooking what they had harvested themselves.