Ceramics Risky Play - Tea Making

The Grasshoppers have extended on their risky play role out and ceramics have been added to the home corner and various activities.

A tea and coffee station was set up for the children to explore with a variety of different tea pots, cups and saucers. 

The children looked at the resources and discussed the need for caution and talked about what might happen if something is dropped. After the children discussed it might smash they decided to keep the cups and tea pots on the table to ensure they do not go on the floor. They also decided not fill the water too heavy in case they dropped the tea pots which was excellent risk management. They pinned their risk assessment to the wall and referred to it throughout the activity gently reminding their peers to be careful. Children showed glee in their play with proud shining through for being trusted to use the 'adult resources'.

The tea sets were from a variety of different cultures such as China, Morocco, Turkey and the UK. The children talked about the different designs and what they might be used for. 

Different types of loose tea and tea bags were provided and the children had a sensory experience smelling the tea and mixing them with water discussing the change in consistency, colour and smell. 

The tea pots were used to fill various cups and the children explored capacity as they tried not to overfill the cups with minimal spill. 

Granulated coffee and coffee beans was also provided and the children showed concentration as they used pestle and mortars to mash the coffee beans talking about what happens to them.

The smell of coffee was discussed and lots of children made links to home as they told us how their families drink coffee and linked the experience to visiting Costa sometimes as a special treat. Children even pretended to have their own babychino's as they have had before basing play on first hand experiences. 

The difference between the coffee granules and beans were discussed and the children watched as they added water to both coffee types to compare the difference. 


Role play was also taken on as children directed others as if they worked in a coffee shop and the children worked together to extend on the narrative. Team work was shred for hand-eye co-ordination as the children held cups for each other to steady them and made tea for each other.