People who help us community village

This week we introduced our new curriculum topic of people who help us. Preschool thoroughly enjoyed exploring and linking various skills during their road mapping experience. The children enjoyed manipulating and developing their fine motor skills to use scissors to cut out their road pieces and discussed the different shapes of the road such as circle for the roundabout.

The children worked together to create their road and discuss the different occupations of people who help us. The children helped to stick down the different community people on the map and thoroughly enjoyed discussing how each person helps us and their job roles.


The children extended their thoughts and ideas by using paint to large scale mark make the different occupational buildings on the map this was then linked to a short education clip where the children enjoyed their questions and answer session following a review of the different occupations job roles.

EYFS- Communication and language - Speaking - 30-50 months "Uses talk to connect ideas, explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next, recall and relive past experiences."