Passover (1)


To learn about and explore Passover in the baby room we explored tray filled with Matzo bread that we used play people and animals to break and crunch with. We also tasted some of the flat bread while playing and exploring. We then took part in the tradition of finding the hidden matzo bread. We had lots of fun looking under objects trying to find the bread and took great pride in our achievements. While doing this we also listened to a song called Ma Nishtana (What is different) that taught us about the Passover Seder.

To learn about Passover in toddler room the children enjoyed painting their own Israel flag. The children copied images of the flag being printed and used the blue paint to paint the flag. The children then enjoyed tasking matzos crackers and enjoyed breaking them up and eating them. The children enjoyed learning about the Jewish celebration of Passover.

Preschool used the touch and tilt and learned that Passover is a Jewish holiday and learned why they celebrate Passover. We also learned about the different traditions that they carry out before and during their celebrations. One of the activities that is carried out is Passover cleaning and finding chametz. We decided to do some Passover cleaning of our own and cleaned our toys and the furniture in our room! The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Passover.