World Africa Day

World Africa Day

On Thursday this week it was world Africa day. Preschool enjoyed learning about the cultures and traditions from Africa, and also enjoyed listening to traditional music and African drumming using the touch and tilt.

We also enjoyed looking at different animals and enjoyed a sensory safari tuff tray experience including natural material such as cereals, rice, pasta and lastly leaves. The pre-schoolers enjoyed crushing the animals down on the cereal and walking them through the ‘safari jungle’ as the children called it.

Well done preschool for your amazing playing and extending on your understanding of the world and also your jungle animal knowledge!

Handa’s Surprise Smoothies!

This week for world Africa day and cooking week, preschool learnt about the amazing story Handa’s surprise! We took a trip to Dalston market to gather our ingredients to support the story and our cooking week. The children enjoyed walking to the market, smelling all the different smells from the stalls and environment around them on the way there. The children helped to choose our fruits for our yummy smoothies and activity of ‘Handa’s surprise’. We enjoyed using our counting skills to add up how much money we had spent, and finally giving the man at the stall our money whilst we waited patiently for our change!

When we arrived back to nursery, we read the story again and we played with the tuff tray with the characters and fruits we got from our trip to the market. Preschool learnt where each fruit originates from and what countries they grow in. After learning about all of the exotic fruits, we got to the best part SMOOTHIE MAKING!

Very carefully, we cut up our ingredients and placed them all into the blender with some water and operated the blender using the buttons to turn it on hearing the whizzing sounds it made! It was very loud!

Finally we enjoyed tasting our yummy smoothies and we thoroughly enjoyed this activity! Well done preschool for your excellent learning this week!