Robot Reg Specialist Session

The children absolutely love this class. Our Robot Reg teacher Rachel and Saba delivers a fun filled, confidence building, active and educational class, by teaching early phonics. Phonics is the cornerstone of success in all subjects, and is taught in such a fabulously, fun way that children don’t even realise how much they’re learning! The lessons gives children a real head start! Phonics are used in UK schools to teach reading and writing. Children learn early writing skills as they explore fine motor skills and explore the sounds of phonics and speech. 

Everyone loves seeing Robot reg appear from his sleep each week and the phonics letter of the day is explored through activities all day! 

Our daily Specialist Teachers come into the nursery to share their passion for the subject and engage children in exciting new skills and learning. This is of great value to the children and is included in fees until children receive the FEEE Grant.