Using Tools - Risky Play

The Grasshoppers took part in some risky play to use tools and make a train.

Before they started the children created a risk assessment. 

They made a list of all potential risk factors. 

Such as using the tools incorrectly, children knocking the table and hurting their hands. 

In response we talked about how to manage the risk and be safer. 

Suggestions included not running inside, using the tools with a teacher, being very careful and using them slowly.

The team supported the children use each tool by firstly demonstrating how to use the tools. 

Tools such as hand held drills, saw's, hammers and screwdrivers were used.

The children were highly engaged as they used the tools. 

Carefully manipulating them to form holes and cut where needed.

The saw was used to cut wood in half.

The hand drill was used to drill holes. 

The electronic drill was used and the children liked pressing the button to form holes. 

Hammers were used to nail wood together.

A train model was made and the children were very proud of their achievement.