Autumn Walk (1)

Autumn walk


Tuesday Pre-schoolers went to Hackney Downs Park to explore the green area and investigate seasonal changes. We spoke about all the different changes we saw along the way such as leaves falling and changing colour. Once we got to the park we saw conquers in and out of their shells and saw little helicopter plants falling off the trees and collected them in our little bags. We used language of math to talk about the colour and sizes of the leaves and enjoyed seeing who could find the biggest one.

Pre-schoolers showed amazing listening ears and showed so much awe of the world around them! It really was a fun day!

On Wednesday the toddler room enjoyed going out for their Autumn walk. The children explored a range of different leaves from big ones to small ones, from green ones to yellow ones. The children enjoyed putting the leaves into their bag and then showing their peers back at nursery, whilst at the park the children thoroughly enjoyed their snack and collecting Autumn Items for their collages.

Such good collecting Toddlers. Well done