We’re going on a bug hunt!


We’re going on a bug hunt!

This week in preschool we learnt all about the different bugs and insects which come out in summer. Preschool has shown a keen interest in bugs, and wanted to learn more about them!

We started off by reading some books about our favourite bug which is the spider. As an extension to this, preschool explored the tuff tray using their spades and magnifying glasses identifying the different bugs, including exploring our wiggly worms, using words such as ‘slimy, wet, squishy!’ to describe the textures they were feeling between their little fingers!

Preschool were intrigued to learn more about spiders, and about how they spin their webs, asking questions like “How do they make their web?” “What is their web made of?”. To answer their queries, we used the touch and tilt to learn about the process of how spiders create their lovely webs. To expand the activity further, we made our own webs on a large scale using some string dipped black paint. The children then used their fine motor skills to dip the string into the paint and guide the string around the paper. This created their own spider web effect on the large paper.

Using their binoculars and telescopes, preschool went into the garden and went on a bug hunt! They saw lots of bugs outside in our bug hotel and around our environment, such as spiders, snails, bees and even butterflies!

Preschool engaged thoroughly and enjoyed learning all about this` recent interest of theirs extending on their own knowledge and of course, being the best explorers ever!