Life Cycle of a Butterfly (1)

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We have had a very busy learning week in the baby room this week. We started our new topic about Growth and Life Cycles. We did this by looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. To do this we focused on the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” story. To begin we used different coloured playdough to create our own versions of the story. We explored patting, rolling and squeezing the playdough to create our own caterpillars and butterflies. This activity helped us build on our fine motor skills and strengthen our hand and finger movements while also being creative and using our imaginative skills.  To extend this further we then used books and props with a variety of food based items to create our own butterfly life cycle texture tray.  We pretended to feed our pasta caterpillars a variety of our play food, we flew our butterflies around and enjoyed exploring the smooth bumpy texture of our cocoon pasta. Through our learning and playing we were able to explore sequencing, we observed the changes in the caterpillar through each day of the week and the increase in the amount of food it ate. Well done babies what a great week of learning and exploring!