On the Farm (1)

On the Farm

This week in the toddler room we finished off our animals from around the world topic by exploring farm animals. We linked this to the What the Ladybird heard story. We used the ipad to listen to the story during story time. We then made the sounds of the different animals and linked them to the sound wall in the sensory room. Matching the sounds to the animals. This helped us develop some new ICT skills and also taught us how we can use ICT to learn and explore. We then explored and edible farm tuft tray. The horses and cows enjoyed eating some Weetabix hay bales. The cows and chickens enjoyed playing in some basil and rosemary grass. The pigs got very messy in some sticky angel delight mud. We really enjoyed role playing with the different animals pretending they were eating and playing in the different areas. We also had fun exploring our senses as we played. To further extend this activity we washed some of our sticky muddy animals in some bubbly water. We helped our animals get very messy and sticky in some chocolate angel delight. In our individual water trays we used jugs, cloths and sponges to clean the animals so they were ready to play again. We used our mathematical and physical skills to fill and pour the water into the different jugs. We all really enjoyed getting all of the animals all clean and enjoyed splashing in the bubbly water in the process. Well done Toddlers what a fun week of learning we have had.