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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We support children and babies to gain secure relationships with all children and staff. We support children to explore individually and play within a group. Children are taught to manage their own feelings and have self-respect and be sensitive to the feelings of others. We encourage good manners and encourage a wide range of sharing and turn taking activities. 

 Communication and Language

Children are encouraged to listen attentively individually and in a group and to contribute using a wide range of vocabulary through discussion, stories, real life experiences and role-play. Above all, we hope that all children will develop a love of storybooks, rhymes, poetry and singing.

Physical Development

Activities are provided to support children in developing their fine and gross motor skills and strengthening their hand eye co-ordination.

Tools are provided to enable children to explore mark making, transporting and investigating.

The Early Years Curriculum

The Early Years Curriculum at Queens Pre-School includes:

Sand & water play -This stimulates children’s development in basic mathematical and scientific concepts such as mass, volume and capacity.


We offer a full range of art and craft activities. This encourages creativity and originality. Cutting, sticking, clay, play dough and collage work are enjoyable and develop fine co-ordination skills.

Imaginative Play

We have a wonderful home corner, book car, dressing up clothes, dolls houses and play characters which stimulate fantasy and role play. This develops an understanding of the world and enhances creativity.

Music and Movement

A selection musical instruments are used to teach early music. The children are encouraged to participate in and learn musical games and activities which develop co-ordination. We have specialist visiting teacher for Music, Dance and Drama.

Construction Toys

A number of building toys such as Mega blocks and Duplo aids co-ordination and development as well as imagination. This forms the basis of early National Curriculum Technology work.

Early Maths

In an informal atmosphere the children discover and use numbers and letters. Work is planned as activities games and worksheets.

Early English

Children enjoy learning to write letters and words, we use the Letters and Sounds programme in addition to the many activities offered throughout the day.

Early Science

This is taught through experience, experiment and observations, such as growing seeds, magnet work and mirrors. 

Drama and Music

Specialist Theatrebugs teachers teaches Music, Dance and Drama to the children every Monday and Wednesday. The children love the variety of musical and drama activities and develop confidence in their abilities.


The children learn French with an specialist early years linguist every Thursday. The children learn through games, music and fun activities.


On a Friday our specialist teacher provides high quality cooking experiences for our children, who really enjoy taking home and sharing their freshly produced treats.


The children enjoy a fantastic introduction to yoga on a Tuesday taught by our fully qualified children’s and adults yoga teacher. 

Specialist Teacher Sessions

Queens Pre-School offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities to support babies and children in their ongoing development.

 Activities for children

A wide range of daily activities are provided for all children in regards to their interests and developmental stages.

Along with the specialist teacher sessions weekly cooking sessions and forest school sessions are provided.

Forest School

Forest School sessions enable children to explore physically and emotionally through outdoor forest play. Forest school sessions take place all year round and enable children to explore all weathers and seasons.


Children engage in weekly cooking sessions, cooking a range of healthy treats to take home for their families.

Parents are encouraged to send in family recipes for cooking sessions.