Ladybirds Risky Play Exploration

The Ladybirds started to introduce some simple risky play into their curriculum to support the children to manage risks. 

They looked at various tools and manipulated them to twist screws, pull nails and twist bolts. 

The children showed high levels of attention and engagement as they felt trusted to use the 'adult' resources. 

They were reminded to be careful and use them with adult support. 

They used them slowly practicing fine motor control. 

They came away talking about being careful and made links to managing their own risk. 

They were able to successfully use the pliers to pull out nails. 

Use the screwdrivers to twist screws. 

use keys to twist bolts. 

Hammers to push in nails.

They used hand eye co-ordination. 

Well done Ladybirds.