Animal Feeders

This week the Butterflies have been making their very own Animal feeders.

The children discussed what animals live in our local forest and what types of food they might like to eat.

Suggestions included Birds, squirrels, bunny rabbits, foxes and deer.

The Butterflies made a shopping list and went to Waitrose to buy the ingredients they needed for their Animal feeders.

The children found the ingredients throughout the supermarket then headed to the tills to pay for them.

Back at nursery the Butterflies were given individual cups which they spread some lard onto to help the various seed mixture stick.

We then rolled their cups in a large tray of seed mixture.

The Butterflies then headed to the local forest to display their Animal feeders.

Whilst at the forest the children looked around and made shared ideas for where we could place the feeders.

Some children suggested up high for birds and squirrels and others said down low for the bunny rabbits, deer and foxes.

The Butterflies then carefully displayed the feeders with some support for the higher areas.

The Children then spoke about the importance of looking after and caring for living things. We very excited to go back to the forest next week and check up on our Amazing Animal feeders.