Potion making fun!!!

This week the children in our Toddler room thoroughly enjoyed going for a local walk and exploring different sources of natural trimmings and collecting leaves to make their own potions. 

(EYFS- Understanding the world- The world 22-36 months "Notices detailed features of objects in their environment.") 

When returning to the nursery the children used a variety of tools including child safe scissors, spoons, measuring cups, tong and pipettes to transfer and mix their potions. Adults Supported children to use tools effectively to develop their fine motor skills and their confidence when manipulating tools.

(EYFS - Physical development- moving and handling - "Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools.")


During the potion making work shop the children used their natural trimmings and talked about their local walk and their findings including the textures, colours and smells. We included a range of different scents, colouring's, bubbles and slime to explore textures even further.