Animal Habitats (1)

Animal Habitats

This week in preschool we have been exploring more about animals around the world, we used an animals from Africa print book to encourage the children to discuss and guess the animals they belonged to, to extend this we then used our own prints using shaving foam and paint to make the desired print effect.

To further our knowledge on habitats from last week we set up 5 habitual areas around the room using shaving foam, ice and jelly bath for an arctic experience, water and ice for an ocean experience, We used land animals and paint sticks to discover different animals that live on land, Sand for those who lived in the desert and a bonus Jurrasic tuft tray for dinosaurs! In these areas we used literacy and ICT to learn about different kinds of animals and the conditions they need to thrive and survive. We showed a great interest in cobras, learning that though they are not the most poisonous snake they have enough venom in them to bring down an elephant! We then found out that one of the few animals that the Cobras are scared of are mongooses. 


To follow this on we discussed what we needed around us to thrive and survive, learning that we too are animals! we discussed in separate circle times that we need warmth, light, food, water and sleep to make sure we are living healthy and are thriving in our living environments.