Space Week

Space Week


On Friday the babies in baby room went on a trip to the moon to learn about space day. We explored some moon dust and enjoyed making marks in it with shiny rings and utensils. We also explored lots of different shiny objects and used our thinking skills to explore how to use them.


Today in preschool we celebrated space week, we enjoyed a variety of different activities including hunting for gold stars in a space themed tuft tray which also included stars with letters on, we identified letters of our names and used our fine motor skills with tongs to collect stars and the planets represented as marbles.

On Friday we had a few more space themed activities to further the children’s knowledge about life in space. We had a “Man on the moon” theme tray were the children explored the textures of moon sand, using their fingers through the flour. We also had a “Whatever Next” theme tray where we read the story, and each got a chance to role play baby bear going to space in his rocket. Children were asked open ended questions and how they would travel to the moon if they could, our responses were “by helicopter, choo choo train and of course ROCKET!” The children enjoyed using the space boots and stomping around in the tray and pretending they were on the moon being astronauts. We all had so much fun!