National Gingerbread Day

On Monday the toddler room enjoyed celebrating national gingerbread day. The children first enjoyed watching the ‘gingerbread man’ on the touch and tilt table. The children enjoyed copying words from the story such as “run, run fast as you can” and “gingerbread man”.

The children then made their own gingerbread smoothie. The children enjoyed coming with an adult to the kitchen to choose what ingredients we needed for our smoothie. We then counted each of the different fruits. We said “1,2,3,4, different fruits. The children then used their sense of smell to smell the ginger and the nutmeg. We then chopped up all the ingredients and placed them in the blender. We then turned the machine on. We let the magic happen and watched all the fruits get blended up.

The smoothie was delicious.

 The children then enjoyed making their own gingerbread man. The children used the tablet to choose a recipe. The children then helped put the ingredients into the bowl and enjoyed combining it together to make a dough. The children then used their fine motor skills to roll the dough together, they then used the cookie cutter to cut out their gingerbread people. The children then decorated their own gingerbread giving it eyes and buttons.