Pet Hamster Research Project

The children were very excited to get a pet hamster for the nursery.

The Grasshoppers took part in some research using a variety of ICT equipment to find out how to care for hamsters and what they needed. 

They looked at hamster food and cages. They also looked at what needs to be inside the cage.

The children discovered that hamsters like dark dens and houses. 

The children researched what we needed such as shredded paper bedding and food. 

They made a shopping list of what we needed to get. 

Then they went on a trip to but the items. 

Shopping lists were taken with them to the shop so that they didn't forget anything. 

The children selected the items from the list and added them to the trolley. 

The shopping was paid for and they headed back to nursery. 

On return the children set up the hamster cage. 

They made the hamsters habitat complete with food, water and dark dens.

When the hamsters arrived the children were able to pet them. 

They wanted to name them and the children gave suggestions for the names. 

Once we had compiled a list of names the children had the opportunity to vote for their favourite names. 

Everyone added a tally mark to their favourite. 

It supported the children to learn about democracy as part of the British Values. 

The children welcomed our new hamsters Rosie, Marshmallow and Queenie. 

The children are excited to care for them daily to learn about life skills.