Fire Risky Play

The Grasshoppers extended on their risky play activities and the visit from fire-fighter Dean by creating their own fire. 

The children started by making their own risk assessment on how to manage the risk of fire safely. 

Beth wrote down the list of things the children said such as: 

Not touching the fire, standing back and calling the fire brigade if needed on 999.

When they went outside the children talked about fire safety and looked at the fire safety equipment. 

Such as the fire extinguisher, fire blanket and bucket of water. 

They also reviewed the burns kt in case it was needed. 

The children agreed to stand back and approach the fire only with a practitioner. 

Wood was added to the fire bowl and Ciara attempted to light it. 

It was not lighting, so we asked the children what would help light the fire. 

The children have suggestions such as paper, more sticks and tissue. 

These things were added and the fire was lit! 

The children talked about the fire and the heat it gave off. 

Children held out their hands and felt the heat. 

We looked at good ways to use fire such as making food and drinks. 

Bread was added to the fire toaster and the children watched as the bread changed colour as it cooked. 

The toast was taken off and the children added butter as it melted from the heat. 

Then a kettle was added and the children talked about what might happen to the water. 

Language was used such as heat up and boil. 

When the kettle began to whistle it was taken off and used to make a hot drink. 

The children had their drinks in cups and talked about the warm drink and how it was heated up.

Next the children used sticks to toast marshmallows on the fire. 

Following this the children supported the team to put out the fire. 

They all practised pressing the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. 

The children watched as the extinguisher let powder out to put out the fire. 

The fire was put away safely and the children managed their own risk.