All Jumbled Up!

Preschool – All jumbled up!


This week in preschool we were talking about the features that made us, us. We all sat in a circle and spoke about key features and put it on a table, we spoke about eyes, hair, skin, clothes, likes and dislikes. We then asked the preschool group on how they felt about being different from each other and received some lovely comments like “It doesn’t matter if we are different, we can all still play.” “It’s good to be different, otherwise we’d all look the same.” And “Everyone is different, but it doesn’t matter as long as we are all kind!”

For our main activity we got our own pictures and cut them into strips, we chose our own colour card and remade the pictures as puzzle sticking down the pieces on the card. We focused hard to try and recreate the original piece. When we were finished we enjoyed showing our adults and peers our masterpieces and took great pride in our work.