Exploring ICT Technology

Treasure Hunt

This week in preschool we have had a very exciting week of treasure hunting. Firstly, we used our ICT equipment to research our local area and possible areas we could explore to find some treasure. We also looked at types of treasure maps and then created our own using a range of resources such as pens and pencils to mark our trail on the map, glittery tape for marking the X on the map where the treasure is hidden. Once we had created our treasure maps, we then went on a treasure hunt around the complex, following our maps, in search of treasure. We also used some metal detectors that signaled to us where the treasure was hidden.

The next part of our treasure hunting experience was to then take part in a small world treasure hunting tuff tray. We got to use telescopes when searching for the treasure in the tray. To challenge the children further we encouraged them to search around the room to look for resources and objects that they could use to create their own telescopes. The final part of our treasure hunting experience was a very fun cooking activity. The children used more of our ICT resources to research a recipe to make ‘X marks the spot’ cookies. The children took turns mixing in the ingredients needed to make their cookies and discussed the textures they felt and how the ingredients changed in consistency when certain ingredients were added. We then attempted to shape our cookie dough into X’s ready for the oven. To end our treasure hunting experience, we then used the children’s laptops to design and create our treasure maps. It was a little tricky at first but we had so much fun learning new skills and how to use lots of different ICT equipment.