Life Cycle of a Chick

We took part in the lifecycle of a Chick experiment.

The eggs arrived inside an incubator and the children were excited to observe them closely using magnifying glasses whilst waiting for them to hatch.

Before the eggs hatched the children made predictions about what was inside and what might happen.

The children drew pictures of what they thought the chicks might look like.

Whilst waiting for all the eggs to hatch the children helped set up the chicks temporary home with sawdust, paper, food and water.

As the chicks began to hatch the children wanted to take photographs of what was happening so they used the iPad to collect evidence.

Once all 10 eggs had hatched and the chicks we ready, the children supervised and offered support as the baby chicks were transferred.

The children showed care and concern and were very gentle when holding and stroking the chicks.

This was such a wonderful learning experience for the children.