Children's Art Week

Children's Art Week

In baby room for art week we enjoyed doing puzzle stamp painting. We enjoyed dipping the puzzle pieces into the different coloured paints and enjoyed making marks onto our paper. We then explored painting with noodles. We dipped these into different coloured paints to create marks onto the paper. We enjoyed mixing colours to create new colours.

In toddler room for children's art week we explored painting with different materials. We used brushed to mix colours and make marks on paper. We then changed to toothbrushes to make our marks. We compared the two different types of brushes and the effects they had on the paper. We also had fun exploring mixing colours and testing the results as we played. For children’s art week preschool did large scale painting using different resources to make marks, we asked the children prior to this what we thought would be good to make different marks with. The children decided that lego and animal foot prints would be good for making different effects! We also rolled marbles, wrapped bubble wrap around rolling pins and one child had the idea of taking off their shoes and using their foot prints to make further marks. The largescale painting came out amazing and the children were so proud of their work! One of the children bought in their artwork and shared it at circle time!