Spring flower potions (1)

 Spring Flower Potions

This week in toddler room we started our new topic which focuses on Spring. To do this we explored a large potion making tuft tray. We explored spring flowers and used our fine motor skills to explore the different resources within the tray like tongs, pipettes and funnels. Throughout this activity we explored colour and used our potions to mix and create new colours. We liked making purple best mixing the blue and red test tubes together by pouring them into a bowl. This helped us work on our mathematical skills and problem solving. We explored mixing, filling, pouring and measuring.

To further extend our spring colour theme we got creative and used forks to create some beautiful tulip paintings. We looked at pictures of tulips then created our own representations. We dipped forks into paint and created the tulip with the tongs. Great job toddlers what a fun week.