Fictional Story Telling

To support our fiction and fantasy theme the Grasshoppers used their imaginations to make up their own story and draw the illustrations.

They started by using an ideas board to build the story. 

They decided together on characters including hero's and villains. 

They decided what would happen at the beginning and end of the story and what would be the middle. 

Next they designed the book. Miya said it should be old like an old fairy tale book. 

So the children used tea bags to stain the paper. 

Exploring the changes the tea bags made to the paper. 

When the pages were ready they wrote key words and drew illustrations on the pages. 

Putting the book together page by page to form the story.

The story read....

Once upon a time. 

The princesses and fairies lived in a castle. 

A dragon woke up and breathed fire onto the castle. 

A snake came to help and wrapped himself around the dragon,

The castle owl picked up all the fairies and princesses and flew them out of the castle. 

And they all lived happily ever after!