Fruits with Seeds

The Ladybirds room looked at a variety of exotic fruits in a tuff tray. 

The fruits were opened revealing a variety of different seeds inside. 

The children talked about the seeds and what might happen if they are planted. 

A variety of tools were introduced to support the children to excavate the seeds including tweezers, tongs and grippers. 

The children strengthened their fine motor skills by practising opening and closing the tools around the seeds t build on early writing skills. 

Hand eye co-ordination was used for the children to pick up the seeds and add them to the tray. 

The pot of seeds was filled and the children used mathematical language to discuss when more was added. 

The children tipped and poured the seeds from one container to another explore shape, space and measures. 

The children enjoyed emptying the passion fruit, mixing the contents into a watery mixture.