Incy Wincy Spider (1)

The Butterflies took part in an activity focused on the Incy Wincy Spider. They practised singing the familiar rhyme Incy Wincy Spider. Taking part in the actions. The children looked at a variety of spiders on the spout. They made predictions about what might happen to the spiders when water is poured down. Some children thought the spiders were strong enough to hold on, some through the siders would wash away like the song.  Georgia demonstrated poring water down the spout to see what happened. Children looked on to test their theories as to what happened to the spiders. Children then excitedly poured water down the spout and washed the spiders down. Children noticed that more water made the spider move faster. Children used different amounts of water exploring the various volumes. The Incy Wincy Spider song was sung as spiders were washed away brining together communication and language with mathematics and physical development.