Our Senses (2)

Our Senses

This week in baby room to continue our topic about all about me we learned about different senses and how we can use them day to day and explore them while we play. The first sense we looked at was vision, we did this my having shiny paper and reflective circular objects in which the babies used to look at themselves through the shiny objects. They responded by giving big smiles at themselves through the circles. The next sense we look at was sound. The babies have been showing a huge interest in musical instruments so we linked their interest by having different shakers and instruments in which they could shake and explore different sounds the instruments make. Touch was our next sense we explored and to do this we explored the texture of cooked spaghetti. We enjoyed exploring the texture of how it felt and enjoyed having a little taste of it. The last two senses we explored was at snack time in which the babies enjoyed tasting and smelling different fruits at the tables. They enjoyed tasting the different fruits and did amazing tasting and enjoyed having snack with their peers at the table

Well done babies for getting hands on this week and learning about the different senses.