Making a Pond

The Grasshoppers were making a DIY pond for their pond snails. 

They started by going to the forest to collect samples of pond water and pond materials to add to their pond. 

The children scooped up water with buckets and jugs. 

Ensuring they had collected enough they collated the water into large buckets. 

Measuring the water collected with measuring jugs. 

They also headed into the pond with nets to collect materials. 

Caspian found a lily pad. 

Montague found tree bark.

Lots of children collected rocks and stones. 

Scooping them with the nets and adding them to the bucket collections. 

All of the collections were added to our large container to create the pond. 

All of the water was poured in. 

The stones and rocks were added. 

As well as the lily pad, leaves and bark. 

Exploring which items sunk and which items floated. 

The stones sunk, but the lily pad, bark and leaves floated. 

Extra water was added to make the pond deeper. 

The children discussed the depth and how much water was needed. 

Adding more water until the container was full. 

Exploring capacity and mathematical development. 

Once the snails habitat was created the children added the pond snails one by one. 

Putting them in the water and resting them on the lily pad. 

The Grasshoppers made an excellent pond for the pond snails. 

Well done!